Supporting services

When you buy a house on Mallorca, it is essential to ensure that the property has all the necessary documents in order, and to be absolutely clear about the legal status.

3 steps purchasing plan

The 3 most important services to secure your purchase process.


The Pre-scan is carried out by an architect specialised in so called urbanismo, the only professional who can correctly assess the situation. A lawyer then reviews the report legally and comes up with conclusions and recommendations.

Document Check

You can already have a document check done before you sign a reservation contract. It is of course a good sign if a property has all the documents, so that  only need to be checked whether these have been obtained lawfully and are actually valid.

Reservation Contract

A reservation contract must meet certain requirements. It is not just about reserving the property for a period of time, so that you can have research done. You are going to pay a reservation amount and you want it back if the property does not meet your conditions. Use our model agreement, where the conditions are correctly formulated by a lawyer.

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